Ultrasound in Physiotherapy The Key To Quicker Healing

Ultrasound in Physiotherapy The Key To Quicker Healing

Physiotherapy has brought immense relief from pain and surgeries to a million since decades. This treatment therapy has evolved to bring out the best healing to humanity. One such branch of physiotherapy chosen by many is the Ultrasound Physiotherapy. Here is everything that you need to know about it.

Ultrasound Therapy In Physiotherapy

Ultrasonic physiotherapy was first introduced in the early 1940s. The treatment resulted in a speedy recovery for many, and this treatment started being widely suggested by doctors. This is the usage of ultrasound waves – the sound waves that are above the human level of hearing to treat an injury at a quicker pace. The waves are generated in a probe. There is a piezoelectric effect in the probe that produces these waves. This is passed along the probe to the body of the person undergoing the ultrasonic therapy physiotherapy. This triggers quick healing and pain relief.

Method of Ultrasonic Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy ultrasound is the therapy where the ultrasound is applied directly through the head of a probe on the skin on which a coupling gel is applied. This high frequency of sound waves triggers the tissues lying underneath the skin to vibrate. The examination is kept in constant motion, and the waves are passed through the tissues of the body part that needs healing. Heat is generated within these tissues, and this is not felt outside the body. This causes healing from the inside of the body.

The person on whom this is done just feels slight warmth and a little tingling in the region where the head of the probe is placed. The examination must continuously be moved and should not be put in one place. This may cause some pain to the person undergoing the therapy.

Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy Physiotherapy

Ultrasound for physiotherapy is a boon to the medical field. Here is a list of benefits that physiotherapy ultrasonic carries

  • The Best Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition of the knee where bone grows and replaces the damaged or lost cartilage. This, instead of repairing, makes things worse and causes severe knee pain, inflammation, and redness in the knee area. Ultrasound treatment in physiotherapy caters to this and helps in bringing great relief to the one suffering from depression.

  • Heals Tendonitis

Tendons are cords of collagen that are found around the joint areas of the body. These become inflamed when they are overused. This inflammation is called tendonitis. This is most commonly seen in athletes and people who do heavy physical work. Ultrasonic therapy in physiotherapy brings down the inflammation and also reduces the pain caused by this body condition.

  • Frozen Shoulder

This is the most common issue faced by many. Frozen shoulder is a condition where there is a severe pain radiating from the arms to the shoulder. The pain is so much intense that the hand movement is entirely restricted. The causes of this could be continuous heavy work and sprains. Ultrasonic treatment in physiotherapy is the only aid to this problem. The physiotherapy sessions that are taken regularly bring a lot of relief and improvise hand and shoulder movements.

  • Joint Contracture

This is another condition where the joints in various parts of the body become stiff and immovable. The reasons can be different kinds of nervous disorders, surgeries, and injuries too. The tightened muscles can be made flexible with regular sessions of ultrasound massage physiotherapy. The joints loosen up, and the normal movement of the joints can be brought back.

  • Bursitis

Small fluid sacks called the Bursae cushion the bone joints. It is predominantly present in the shoulders, elbows and the hip joints. The condition where these sacs get inflamed is called Bursitis. Applying pressure for a long time on the joint is its primary cause. Its presence can be felt more along with aging, gout, and other infections. This causes severe pain and even immobility of the joint. Physiotherapy ultrasound treatment works well and soothes both pain and inflammation.

  • Neck and backache

You may witness a large number of people suffering from neck and back pain taking up the local ultrasonic physiotherapy. This is the most relevant and proven benefit of this kind of physiotherapy. The heat and energy delivered by the ultrasonic device through the head of the probe that is in touch with the injured body part gives a considerable relief from the pain and fades away the inflammation caused by the pain.

  • Post-surgery recovery

This is in line with the joint surgeries. The ones who have undergone ACL reconstructions and other operations that are related to the muscles and bones need physiotherapy for a speedy recovery. The ultrasonic in physiotherapy will be an added advantage as it fastens the healing process and gives a lot of comfort to the one undergoing it.

Ultrasound Physiotherapy Side Effects

While the ultrasonic rays physiotherapy has a lot of benefits to humanity, the rays are quite harmful at specified instances. Here are a few conditions where the therapy must not be taken up:

  • During Cancer

The rays may increase the cell division of cancer cells.

  • Kept Away From The Eye

The ultrasonic rays can damage the retina of the eyes. This can cause complete blindness.

  • During Pregnancy

The rays emit heat and energy, which causes harm to the living fetus in the womb.

  • Kept Away From The Heart

The probes of the ultrasound ray emitter must be kept away from the heart area of heart patients - especially the ones who have a pacemaker fit. This disrupts the function of the heart pacemaker.

  • From Open Sores

The therapy can be done only on inflammations and not open cuts and sores. This causes a lot of pain and is not medically recommended.

With the pros and cons of this amazing therapy, you have now got a brief idea of the treatment. However, consulting a doctor becoming taking up the therapy is always recommended.


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