A Brief Study About The Process Of Electric Physiotherapy

A Brief Study About The Process Of Electric Physiotherapy

There's an old saying "health is wealth"; good health is the key to achievement. A healthy person never gets exhausted even after the long hours of work. But in today's life, people are more concentrated on all the other aspects of living except health. The ever-growing greed for money in the presence of humans has been a cause to hundreds of diseases in a human body. Though God has been able to form the human body in a way that it has got the potential to face the atrocities, but there's a limit to everything. The ways humans have shaped their lifestyle where they lack in exercise, or any other sort of physical work, which has proven to affect the body in an ill mannered.

To help the human in overcoming dangerous diseases, medical science has always been able to come up with solutions, to put the humans out of the risk of more significant damage. One method which aims at improving the human condition after being affected by certain diseases is electro physiotherapy.

What Is Electrotherapy Physiotherapy?

Electrotherapy in physiotherapy is also referred to as electrical muscle stimulation. In the case of electrotherapy electrical machines are used to help the patient in overcoming from, any muscle pain. Electrical impulses are delivered to the patient's body with the help of electrical devices. The stimulation which is generated in the human body with the assistance of these electrical machines help in healing the muscles; tissue regeneration is also facilitated and promoted by this therapy. 

The American Physical Therapy Association has willingly accepted this form of physical therapy as it has proven to be very useful in curing several pains. Let’s have a look at some of the cases where this therapy helps in attaining relief:

1.  It is very much helpful in wound healing

2.  It prevents deep vein thrombosis after the surgery

3.  It manages and reduces several kinds of pains such as post-traumatic, chronic, and post-surgical acute

4.  It assists in the muscle spasm relaxation

5.  It prevents muscular atrophy

6.  It helps in improving and preserving the range of motion

7.  With the help of targeted-stimulation, it helps in the re-education of the muscles

8.  The flow and circulation of blood are also assisted with physiotherapy electrotherapy.

9.  In the case of facial paraplegia, one can opt for electrical stimulation for bell's palsy- physiotherapy.


Apart from these, there are many other pains which can be cured with the help of this therapy.

Working Of Physiotherapy Electrical Stimulation 

electrotherapy devices have got several types of therapeutic waveforms. Electrical Stimulation Therapy devices have electrodes; these electrodes are attached to the area, which is to be treated. When the electrodes are activated, electrical energy is passed from the device, which causes a contraction in the muscle. 

There are various waveforms found which are found in electrical stimulation, e.g., TENS, inferential, Russian, high voltage, microcurrent, modulated, biphasic. All these different waveforms have got their kinds of therapeutic benefits.

Let's have a brief study of the different waveforms of Electrical Stimulation Therapy.

Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulator

Commonly known as TENS, it works to decrease the pain. The pain signals are blocked by the device, preventing them from reaching the brain.  This waveform is widely used for patients suffering from neck and back pain. The production of endorphins is encouraged with the help of the stimulation of TENS.

Interferential Current

This waveform is also referred to as IFC. The IFC waveform is used in treating post-surgical and chronic pain. IFC has a minimal level of side-effects; many are more prevalent among people. To cross the skin barrier, the IFC waveform uses higher frequency energy, which makes the area of treatment easily accessible.

Russian Current

The frequency delivery rate in the Russian current waveform stays at medium level. This is the reason why it is popularly used in re-educating certain specific areas and strengthening the muscles. The Russian current waveform is also capable in stimulating relief of pain-relieving endorphins, which in turn increases versatility and applications.

Premodulated Current (Premod)

The premod waveform is somewhat similar to the interferential current. This current is mainly used for treating comparatively smaller areas of the body such as ankles, feet, hands, elbows, etc.

High Voltage 

The high voltage stimulation current is a monophasic waveform — this current use both negative and positive (polarity) energy to stimulate the tissue. The high voltage current is used in curing swelling and pain, assists in wound healing, and also aims at reducing muscle spasms. This is a popular electrotherapy modality in physiotherapy.


As the name suggests, this waveform, the micro-size current is used to heal the wounds. Because of the low-intensity level, it is considered as the most tolerated waveform in the process of electrotherapy.

Physiotherapy electrical treatment has been able to pull a large crowd towards itself because of its ability to help the patient in attaining relief in a faster way.

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