Physiotherapy for Sciatica Pain Relief

Physiotherapy for Sciatica Pain Relief

Role of physiotherapy and exercise in the treatment of Sciatica

Sciatica is a very type of leg pain that people experiences. The pain is generally very severe, and the patient may experience numbness, weakness, loss of sensation, etc. Physiotherapy for Sciatica is considered to be the best treatment for Sciatica. That is the reason why it becomes essential to go for Sciatica if you want to get relief from the pain.

Sciatica physiotherapy includes a combination of strengthening, stretching, and aerobic exercise, which plays a significant role in the sciatica treatment plan. It is seen that when a patient performs this kind of activity regularly, he can recover from sciatica pain more quickly than that of taking medication.

General exercise and physiotherapy for treating the pain of Sciatica

In physiotherapy treatment for Sciatica generally, the patient is instructed to perform the following task:

  • Reclining pigeon pose

This is one of the most common yoga poses, and it helps in opening the hips. There are many versions of stretching exercise, and this is the first and starting one. In this kind of use, the patient has brought their right leg up to a right angle, and they have to clasp both their hand behind their thigh and lock their finger. After that, the patient needs to lift their left leg very slowly and place their right ankle on the top of the left knee. Then it is necessary to hold in that position for a moment. Similarly, the patient has to do the exercise with the other leg.

  • Sitting pigeon pose

After you can perform reclining pigeon pose for quite some time without any pain, you have to start yoga with sitting pigeon pose. This is another excellent exercise for sciatica physiotherapy treatment. In this exercise, the patient has to stretch their legs straight sitting on the floor. Then they have to bend their right leg and put their right ankle on the top of the left knee. After that, the patient has to lean forward and permit their upper part of their body to reach towards their thigh. Then the patient has to stay in that position for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Then the patient has to repeat the same on the other side.

  • Forward pigeon pose

In this exercise, the patient has to kneel on the floor and then pick up the right leg and slowly move forward on the ground behind your body. You must make sure that your low leg is on the ground horizontal to your body and your right foot behind your right knee while keeping the right knee to the right. After that, you have to stretch the leg out with the top of the foot on ground and toes point to your back. Then you have to shift your body weight slowly from arms to leg and sit up straight with your hand on either side of the legs. It is necessary to take a deep breathe then and lean your body forward over the front legs. Then repeat the same process on the other side. This exercise is an essential physiotherapy treatment of Sciatica.      

  • Knee to opposite shoulder

This exercise involves simple stretch, which gives enough relief to the patient by loosening gluteal and muscles. In this kind of use, you have to lie on your back and extend your legs, and you have to flex your feet upward. After that, it is necessary to bend your right leg, clasp the hand around the knee. Then you have to pull the legs gently across the body towards the left shoulder. It is advisable for held in this position for around 30 seconds. It is necessary to push the knee so that the leg returns to the starting position. You have to repeat the process at least three times.

These are some essential exercises and physiotherapy for sciatica relief. If you are suffering from Sciatica, then it is highly advisable to perform the, but you must undergo these exercises under the guidance of a professional physical therapist.  

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