Physiotherapy for Knee Pain Perform a Great Role in Recovery

Physiotherapy for Knee Pain Perform a Great Role in Recovery

Physiotherapy Treatment are blessing to all knee pain Suffering

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy and is one of the noblest professions that, uses mechanical force and movements, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy impairments and promotes mobility and function. It helps to improve a patient's quality of life through diagnosis, physical intervention, and examination. Physiotherapy doctors perform it. Physiotherapy doctor is known as physiotherapists. Severe accidents and problems in life can be very traumatic for people. It is so traumatic that it can be lifetime pain and problems. Many people lose the functioning of their hands of legs. And to get back to their form often people require the primary therapy which works as sacred for people. In this medical field, the health professionals use a mechanical force and movements, manual therapy, electrotherapy and many more to promote mobility and function of the specific body part.

Patients are increasing day by day, and there are not enough doctors to treat them. The patient-doctor ratio is not balanced. We need more doctors to balance the ratio if not increase the doctors. The pressure on doctors right now is very high. Right now, the doctor-patient ratio is around 1:500. This means that for every 500 patients, there is only one doctor to treat them.

The profession of a physiotherapist is tough a single person in a single sitting take approximately 1-2 hours, and a physiotherapist has to attend 20-40 patients in a day at least. This makes their schedule very hectic. And due to this sometimes the doctor is not able to give full attention to his patients due to lack of time.

Earlier it is used to be like only metropolitan cities, or the big cities have the clinics of a physiotherapist, but now as the progress in the society and the awareness, every city is getting it. With the change in our lifestyle, this change is harming our body a lot. And to correct this damage, physiotherapy plays a meaningful life. This change in the lifestyle is now happening in every city, whether big or small, so the need for physiotherapy is more and more in today's scenario.


Who is a doctor of physiotherapy? What does he do?

A doctor who attempts to cure the illness or the injuries that limit the person's abilities to move and perform activities in their daily routines. The doctor of physiotherapy is known as physiotherapists. Physiotherapy not only includes clinical practice but also research, education, consultation and administration. Physical therapy services may be provided as primary care treatment, or in conjunction with other medical services. The physiotherapy for knee pain plays a vital role in reducing the pain after the total knee replacement physiotherapy becomes very important. Physiotherapy for knee replacement helps the patient to get back on his feet more quickly. Physiotherapy knee pain helps in reducing it as pain after knee replacement is very painful.

The human knee is a hinge joint that is comprised of the tibia and the femur. The patella, or kneecap, is located in the front of the knee. Four ligaments support the knee. The two shock absorbers, are called a meniscus and are found within the knee. The physiotherapy of the knee is a bit complex and time taking a job as it has many joints, and it may take a lot of time to heal.

The vast knowledge of physiotherapy is considerable has physical therapists who are specialized in a specific clinical area. Most Physical Therapists practising in a speciality of physiotherapy have undergone training, such as an accredited residency program. Below is the list of few physiotherapy areas-

• Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy

Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy offers therapy for a variety of cardiopulmonary disorders or pre and posts cardiac or pulmonary surgery. Diseases like heart attacks, post coronary bypass surgery, pulmonary complications, can be treated from cardiovascular and pulmonary therapists.

• Neurological physiotherapy

In this field of physiotherapy, the main focus is on the individuals having problem with neurological disorders or diseases. In these problems which are included are a stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and many more.

• Geriatric physiotherapy

This therapy covers vast issues and problems. This issue affects many people as they grow older and older. These problems are like arthritis, cancer, hip and joint replacement. For many of these problems, therapy can be done at home also.

• Women’s health physiotherapy

In this, all of the issues are related to issues like the female reproductive system, childbirth, postpartum. These conditions include some severe problems like pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, prenatal and postnatal periods. With such issues, many ladies prefer a physiotherapist who is a lady only.

Pain in the knee can be caused by repetitive wear and tear and strain or by injury. Occasionally it occurs for no specific reason. When knee pain occurs, it may lead to functional limitations that include difficulty walking, rising from sitting, or ascending and descending stairs. It then needs physiotherapy for the knee.  Physiotherapy for knee joint are very common, and anyone having knee pain can go to a physiotherapist.

Apart from all these problems and issues, there are many more issues for which physiotherapy is the best and the most needed option. Physiotherapy attempts to address the illness, injuries that limit the ability of a person to move and perform the functional activities in their daily lives. They use personal history and physical examination for reaching a diagnosis and establishing a plan for treatment.


What is knee physiotherapy?

Knee physiotherapy is generally undertaken when knee replacement is done. As after knee replacement, there is a lot of pain in the knee. The patient is not able to move, and for that physiotherapy for knee pain at home is also available. Even athletes have a knee injury, physiotherapy for knee ligament injury is also available as it helps the person to recover from the wear and tear more quickly. Knee pain physiotherapy treatment at home is mainly for the knee replacement patients who can't visit the doctor for the physiotherapy exercise for knee pain. Physiotherapy exercise for the knee is essential as it helps the patient to cope up with all the pain.

Is there separate physiotherapy treatment for knee pain for women?

Women's physical therapy mostly addresses women's issues related to childbirth. These conditions include lymphedema, osteoporosis, and urinary incontinence. It also deals with pelvic pain and other disorders associated with pelvic floor dysfunction. Physiotherapy for knee joint pain for women has slightly different exercises as everyone can't do all the tasks. The knee pain physiotherapy treatment for women has different doctors for better comfortability. The physiotherapy after knee replacement surgery have some exercises for both men and women differently according to their needs.

Do we need to visit the clinic for the therapy?

The answer is no, with so much competition among the physiotherapist the physiotherapy doctors in Hyderabad have started taking the sessions at the patient's home also. They have gone an extra mile just to cut the competition and to give additional services. The system of visiting physiotherapist was started by the best physiotherapy doctor in Hyderabad as many of his patients were not able to visit his clinic for the treatment. This is called as home physiotherapy. It was earlier only done for the very critical patients.

Is there separate knee replacement physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy after knee replacement is essential as without the proper physiotherapy after total knee replacement, the patient might not be able to walk correctly. And the physiotherapist must make their patients fit and fine. Physiotherapy exercises are a bit different for the knee replacement patients as the joints are very complicated and need time to heal. Knee pain physiotherapy is a specialization and requires immense knowledge of joints for that.

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