Find Best Physiotherapy Doctors in Your locality

Find Best Physiotherapy Doctors in Your locality

Physiotherapy Doctors: Say No To Stiffness

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy and is one of the noblest professions that, uses mechanical force and movements, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy impairments and promotes mobility and function. It helps to improve a patient's quality of life through diagnosis, physical intervention, and examination. Physiotherapy doctors perform it. Physiotherapy doctor is known as physiotherapists.

Who is a doctor of physiotherapy? What does he do?

A doctor who attempts to cure the illness or the injuries that limit the person's abilities to move and perform activities in their daily routines. The doctor of physiotherapy is known as physiotherapists. Physiotherapy not only includes clinical practice but also research, education, consultation, and administration. Physical therapy services may be provided as primary care treatment, or in conjunction with other medical services.

Is physiotherapy a doctor?

Many people have questions that are physiotherapy a doctor or not. To talk in legal terms Physiotherapy is a paramedical stream to go into. According to variously supreme court ruling, a physiotherapist cannot prefix Dr. to his/her name, unless he/she has finished a doctorate. A registered practitioner who has a degree can call himself a doctor and prefix Dr. to their name. (Persons in other branches can prefix Dr. after finishing their doctorate). Most of the people do not know about this ruling and keeps on thinking that is physiotherapy is a doctor.

Earlier it is used to be like only metropolitan cities, or the big cities have the clinics of a physiotherapist, but now as the progress in the society and the awareness, every city is getting it. With the change in our lifestyle, this change is harming our body a lot. And to correct this damage, physiotherapy plays a meaningful life. This change in the lifestyle is now happening in every city, whether big or small, so the need for physiotherapy is more and more in today’s scenario.

Is it easy to find a physiotherapist in your city?

With the advancement in technology, it is straightforward to find the physiotherapist in your city. If you are living in Ahmedabad, you have to search for physiotherapy doctor in Ahmedabad, and you’ll get plenty of choices to select from.

Physiotherapy doctors in Madurai or physiotherapy doctors in Chennai are considered one of the best physiotherapists in the country as they are the creamiest of the cream of minds. The southern part of the country is generally regarded as having one of the best minds in the country.

Even the best physiotherapist in the country also belongs to the southern part of the country.

Is there separate physiotherapist for women?

Women's physical therapy mostly addresses women's issues related to the female reproductive system, childbirth. These conditions include lymphedema, osteoporosis, and urinary incontinence. It also deals with pelvic pain and other disorders associated with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Do we need to visit the clinic for the therapy?

The answer is no, with so much competition among the physiotherapist the physiotherapy doctors in Hyderabad have started taking the sessions at the patient's home also. They have gone an extra mile just to cut the competition and to give additional services. The system of visiting physiotherapist was started by the best physiotherapy doctor in Hyderabad as many of his patients were not able to visit his clinic for the treatment. This is called as home physiotherapy. It was earlier only done for the very critical patients.

Is there something more advanced than home physiotherapy?

Telehealth is on developing stage of physical therapy in response to the increasing demand for physical therapy treatment. Telemedicine is online communication between the physiotherapist and the patient; it is either live or a pre-recorded session, which patient can view later also for the reference. The benefits of telehealth are that it improves accessibility in remote areas, it is cost efficient as now the doctor does not have to go places and can attend more than one patient at a time, and it improves convenience for the bedridden and home-restricted patients. Some cons for telehealth include limited evidence to prove the effectiveness of the treatment and compliance more than in-person therapy, licensing and payment policy issues, and risk to privacy. There are studies which are controversial on the effectiveness of telehealth in patients with more severe conditions, such as stroke and lower back pain.

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