What You Need to Know About Laser Therapy in Physiotherapy

What You Need to Know About Laser Therapy in Physiotherapy

Laser Therapy: An Evolutionary Technology in Medical Field

Every day we hear advancement in the medical field. We see the story of how the latest technologies in the industry of health and care have turned the tables and provided efficient and reliable solutions to many bizarre diseases. In these vastly popular methods of cure, there lies a specific procedure that goes by the name of laser physiotherapy, which is making a name for itself across the globe. Now upon hearing the word "laser", most people picture the kind of a laser that is portrayed in the entertainment industry that is only used for destruction but trust me there are many other beneficial ways where the laser can be used, and laser therapy in physiotherapy is one of them.

Now that you get a basic idea about what it is let's jump further into the process. So for starters, this process involves light which is used to penetrate through tissues of our body. The laser is harmless and faster in operation. The quality of the laser has been improved over the period since it is being used from the previous century. A most prominent application of laser physiotherapy treatment is found in the healing of tissues. Many times a wound is severe and requires a lot of time to recover because regeneration takes some time. In such cases, the bleeding continues for a long time, which is not desirable. That's why tissues must be healed as soon as possible so that no further internal damage takes place. Other than healing, this process is also used in pain relieving and reduction of inflammation. 

Various conditions can be treated with the use of this process. One of the most widely interpreted is Osteoarthritis, which can be termed as a chronic condition of joints. It usually occurs in joints which are continually rubbing against each other like knees, hips, neck and back and even fingers. The use of physiotherapy treatment is pretty useful when being faced with this kind of situation. It can toughen up the tissues in that region and eliminate the problem of Osteoarthritis in various joints. The strengthening of hyaline cartilage is, and physiotherapy laser treatment does this job.

Another thing that can be treated with the help of this process is Temporomandibular Disorder. By the name, you can get the idea that this is a disorder of the temporomandibular joints and other parts which are associated with it. This mainly occurs because of inflammation and degeneration. This kind of problem can be easily treated by use of laser in physiotherapy. The question might arise in your mind, how exactly? Well since the inflammation is one of the essential reasons for this occurring and laser can heal or regenerate new tissues within a short duration of time, you can draw a conclusion that by using physiotherapy laser you can reduce the inflammation which will ultimately result in treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders.

One of the most popular forms of treatment which is done by this process is Neuropathic Pain. So basically this kind of phenomenon occurs when there is a dysfunction in the nervous system. Its root comes from surgery or infection. So if it is caused by surgery, you can heal it with laser therapy physiotherapy. Again since the primary function of using this laser is to heal tissues, the internal wounds will be treated, which were damaged in the surgery. This neuro pain could cause so much irritation sometimes, and it can destroy the will of a person, but the inception of this laser technology has made sure that no person suffers from this another.

There are many other treatments which are similar to few mentioned above, which includes Plantar Fasciitis in which the pain in plantar heel his relieved that can be caused by the plantar fascia. Likewise, problems of Sciatica, Tendonitis and Tennis elbow are also treated with the help of laser physiotherapy.

If we focus on its working mechanism, it's quite fascinating. , and it is pretty essential that absorption should take place and to make sure it does laser has to be of particular intensity and wavelength. Usually, low laser lights are used in this laser in physiotherapy. Now since the tissues absorb the energy, the disturbance of local electrons takes place, which results in the generation of heat and ultimately production of free radicals. This effect replaces the cells which were damaged previously with the new individual cells and provides brand new tissues.

Now when using this technology you, there are certain things one should keep in mind. The fundamental idea is the protection of the laser from the eyes. Though laser could be a pretty useful tool for healing it produces adverse effects on eyes, that's why wearing the gear to protect eyes must be a top priority.

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