Soniya Lohana

Soniya Lohana

Degrees : BPT, COMT
Experience :
  •   Malkapur, Karad, Karad, SATARA, MAHARASHTRA, 415110
  • Working Hours: Mon to Sat 9:00 AM To 6:00 PM
  •  +91-989XXXXX96
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About Doctor Or Clinic

I am a Physiotherapist specifically trained to know the solutions to your musculoskeletal problems and treat it completely from the root cause.

I am currently working at City medical Centre, Karad. Also I am free-lancer providing home physiotherapy services.

Any solutions to a problem is good when it is permanent.

I believe in treating patients, manually without the use of modalities because the brain is more valid and reliable than modalities.

Also, I feel that the best earning is a patient's pain relif without any side-effects and a wonderful quality of life of the patient.

Helping you to be fit.

About Services

"The mind of a Physiotherapist is trained to synchronize with his hands, which are designed to heal"
 Knowledge is constantly updating and along with it we are updated and trained in ways which know how the body works biomechanically, where it can go wrong and which symptoms will be provoked.

Our body is a machine and it constantly works, thus it will obviously face some problems either due to trauma or due to degeneration. Therefore we provide you solutions in depth by knowing how to stretch, strengthen and correct your body.

We provide you permanent solutions without any side-effects. As physiotherapists we are here to relieve your pain, correct your posture, examine your biomechanics and provide you with best of treatment.

Any musculoskeletal condition including shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain and much more is examined and treated by us, from the root-cause to prevent its recurrence and make you fit forever.
We not only treat you, but teach you how to treat yourself.

Physiotherapy may not add years to your life but it adds life to the years you will live.
Know your body & Be fit !


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