Degrees : Masters in Geriatric physiotherapy
Experience :
  •   Kle Prabhakar kore hospital Belagavi Karnataka, Belgaum, BELGAUM, KARNATAKA, 590010
  • Working Hours: 9am -5pm
  •  +91-948XXXXX94
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I am specialist in Geriatrics physiotherapy..will be focusing always in elderly..but all cases will be treating in clinic.will assess first and after coming to a appropriate daignosis will start treatment.. according to protocol.Regular follow up is important.If any issues for coming regularly inform prior will try provide home visits..our goal is always fast recovery.help u at any cost with out fail.

About Services

Clinic service will be always according to patients comfortable.will focus always for fast recovery.Patients not able to come for clinic will provide home visits..or otherwise also home visits are provided.Will work hard for patients safety.Can always contact in clinic or clinic incharge.

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