Dr ragini m

Dr ragini m

Degrees : Master in pediatric physical therapy(MPT-PEDS)
Experience : 5 years
  •   Brainix child development center1st floor,madagi complex,jagat circle,, Gulbarga, GULBARGA, KARNATAKA, 585101
  • Working Hours: Mon to Fri 11 am to 9pm
  •  +91-709XXXXX28
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Therapist- Dr Ragini M is Master in Pediatric physical therapy certified in Sensory Integration, Kinesiotaping, Manual Therapy, Theratog Fitting as well as general movement assessment required for babies ( age- preterm till 3 months of age).

Has years of experience in evaluation & handling MICU babies as well as all children with cerebral palsy, development delay, Autism, ADHD, DCD, Spina Bifida, Gait Abnormalities, Polio, Torticolis etc..

About Services

Brainix child development center is a well equipped rehabilitation center.Has facilities for all age group from age 0 to 18 years.We use holistic approach for treatment including NDI, SI, Manual therapy, Mulligan therapy, Kinesiotaping, Theratog, Orthosis.

Special facilities of EEG, IQ Evaluation, parental counseling, Psychological tests are available under our roof.

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