Dr. Abhishek Nayak

Dr. Abhishek Nayak

Degrees : Bachelor of physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy in manual therapy
Experience : 2
  •   Invictus Performance Lab Pvt Ltd Sona Towers, #71, 5th Floor, Millers Rd, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, , Bangalore, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, 560053
  • Working Hours: Mon to FRI 7:00AM to 5:00PM
  •  +91-973XXXXX27
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Invictus is a sports science lab with the goal of helping you achieve your highest potential in sport or otherwise. Being Injury-free and Performance oriented is our mission statement.

Invictus takes an integrative approach towards the human body by having specialists across broad domains such as physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, sports science, exercise physiology, and biomechanists all working together cohesively to achieve your desired result. 

Invictus is India's pioneering performance lab that brings together 3 different fields of High-Performance - Physical, Nutrition, and sports psychology all under one roof. We take advantage of technology and our custom protocols to assess and deliver best in class coaching and results.

Physiotherapy - Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation 

At Invictus, our focus has always been on return-to-sport in the shortest time possible. We not only work on rehabilitation post an injury but also prepare the body to quickly bounce back after surgery ( prehabilitation ) . Our unique methodology of combining principles of Strength and Conditioning as a part of the rehabilitation process to prepare you for gameday ensures that you stay injury free and maintain a high level of performance all through.

Strength and Conditioning

Invictus is India's premier strength and conditioning facility with coaches having experience in building an athlete from the ground up all the way up to being a professional and world-class athlete. Invictus builds an athlete keeping in mind the various factors involved in the sport of their choice by equipping them with an understanding of mechanics, incorporating rest and recovery strategies and incorporating power and agility exercises making them anti-fragile and moving at break-neck speed! 

Here at Invictus, we believe that true potential is achieved by enhancing the mind-body connection by means of carefully curated and periodized programs with exercises that maximize your peak performance during a competition.

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