Dr. Charmi Patel

Dr. Charmi Patel

Degrees : Bachelor in Physiotherapy
Experience : 4 years
  •   80 Gujrat Vihar Vikas marg, Shakarpur, EAST DELHI, DELHI, 110092
  • Working Hours: Mon to Sat 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
  •  +91-740XXXXX97
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About Doctor Or Clinic

I have successfully completed my bachelors in physiotherapy from Rajeev Gandhi University in Karnataka. Two years of experience in Ahmedabad at physiotherapy clinic and further attended a workshop of manual therapy under the supervision of Dr. Deepak Kumar. Currently, I am working at Capri Spine Clinic as a senior physiotherapist.

About Services

Our clinic is pioneers in delivering Physiotherapy services in & around Delhi. We are highly committed and give undivided attention to each patient. The reason for the success of our clinic is the latest equipment and therapies at a competitive price and even free to poor and needed patients.

Clinic & Treatment Category

Manual Therapy
Orthopaedic or Musculoskeletal
Sports Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy at home
Women health
Cardiorespiratory or Cardiopulmonary
Hand Rehabilitation

Clinic & Treatment Service

Adhesive capsulitisArthritis and Pain ManagementArthritis or Joint PainsDisc ProlapseFibromyalgia TreatmentFoot treatmentFrozen Shoulder TreatmentHeadache Hip Pain TreatmentJoint MobilizationKnee Pain TreatmentLow back pain with RadiculopathyLumbar Spondylitis TreatmentMcKenzie Treatment for SpineMulligan MobilisationNeck pain with RadiculopathyNeck or Cervical Pain TreatmentPeriarthritisPivdRehabilitation for degenerative diseasesRehabilitation for Spondylo arthropathiesSciatica TreatmentShoulder Pain ReliefSI Joint PainSlip Disc Spinal TherapySpine MobilizationSprainStrainTapingTennis ElbowTMJ dysfunction and painTreatment for faulty biomechanicsTreatment for positional faultAdhesive capsulitisAnkylosing ArthritisArthritis or Joint PainsATM physiotherapyBrachial plexus injuriesCervical radiculopathyChronic Pain Chronic Pain TreatmentComplex Regional Pain SyndromeCorrective Manual TherapyCryotherapy or Cold TherapyCupping TherapyDisc ProlapseDry NeedlingElectrical StimulationErgonomic TrainingExercise TherapyFibromyalgia TreatmentFoot treatmentFrozen Shoulder TreatmentHeadache TreatmentHeat Therapy TreatmentHip Pain TreatmentInflammatory Arthritis Interferential TherapyJoint MobilizationJoint Pain TreatmentKnee Pain TreatmentLaser TherapyLong Wave DiathermyLower Back Pain TreatmentLumbar RadiculopathyLumbar Spondylitis TreatmentManual TherapyMcKenzie Treatment for SpineMigraine Treatment



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