Degrees : BPT
Experience : 5
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Hello I Passed my bachelor's from IPH, Delhi University in 2013 and been practicing since.

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Orthopaedic or Musculoskeletal
Physiotherapy at home
Cardiorespiratory or Cardiopulmonary
Hand Rehabilitation

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Adhesive capsulitisAdhesive capsulitisAnkylosing ArthritisBrachial plexus injuriesCervical radiculopathyCryotherapy or Cold TherapyCupping TherapyElectrical StimulationErgonomic TrainingExercise TherapyFrozen Shoulder TreatmentHeat Therapy TreatmentInflammatory Arthritis Interferential TherapyJoint MobilizationKnee Pain TreatmentLower Back Pain TreatmentNeck or Cervical Pain TreatmentOccupational and ergonomics advicesoperative Rehabilitation for joint replacement surgeriesoperative Rehabilitation for Shoulder replacement operative Rehabilitation for Spinal surgeriesoperative Rehabilitation for THRoperative Rehabilitation for TKROrthopaedic PhysiotherapyOveruse injuriesPIVDPost Surgery Physiotherapy orRehabilitationPostural TrainingPosture CorrectionRange Of Motion ExerciseRehabilitation for degenerative diseasesRehabilitation for Spondylo arthropathiesRheumatoid ArthritisSciatica TreatmentShoulder Pain ReliefSI Joint PainSpinal DisordersSpine InjuriesSpine MobilizationSpine Pain TreatmentSpondylitisSprainStrengthening ExerciseTailbone Pain TreatmentTendinitis or BursitisTennis ElbowThoracic and chest pain musculosketal in originTractionTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve StimulationTraumatic Rehab RehabilitationUltrasonic TherapyVestibular and balance rehabilitationdoctor of physiotherapyhome care physiotherapyHome Physiotherapyhome visit physiotherapyphysio treatmentphysiotherapist nearby



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