Child Physiotherapy Helps a Child Function at Their Maximum Potential

Child Physiotherapy Helps a Child Function at Their Maximum Potential

Why is child physiotherapy needed?

People generally are aware as to what physios can do for adults, i.e. help them with movement difficulties. A physiotherapist helps people who have painful backs, knees, shoulders, necks, and also, help people to learn to move again. But many are not aware as to what wonders physiotherapy for a child could do.

Children are very different compared to adults, be it their body structure or movement.  As a result, physiotherapy for children and babies benefit from a physiotherapist who has years of experience and are trained. 

Pneumonia is considered to be the single leading cause of death in children younger than 5 years of age. Therefore, chest physiotherapy in children is often prescribed as an additional therapy in children with pneumonia. Different techniques of chest physiotherapy in children are available that aim to improve airway clearance. Chest physiotherapy for children is a method for clearing mucus out of the lungs. Keep the lungs of your child clear so that it can help your child to breathe easier. With chest physiotherapy for children, the child has to keep in different positions to drain mucus out from the five lobes of the lungs. 

Physiotherapists are experts in the identification, assessment, treatment, and diagnosis of problems in children and their overall development. The abilities, well-being, and health of each physiotherapy child are optimized by the treatment programs that enable them to participate in everyday activities such as playing, going to school, learning, and being part of a family and community.

Physiotherapists help with different types of movement difficulties or movement disorders, which includes:

  • Children and babies who are late to learn to sit, crawl or walk

  • Children and babies who are using unusual patterns to move

  • Children and babies who are having difficulties with jumping/hopping

  • Disabilities in children such as autism, cerebral palsy, brain injuries or other syndromes or conditions

  • Chronic pain conditions in children such as arthritis

  • Therapeutic conditions in children followed by an injury or trauma

  • Chronic respiratory diseases in children such as bronchiectasis or asthma

Babies who need assistance with muscle control, balance and much more, for them, Baby physiotherapy is considered to be one of the most effective forms of treatment. Many physicians recommend baby physiotherapy for babies who have developed disabilities and disorders.

When a child is brought to a physiotherapist, a longer appointment duration can be expected that other practices, because they have to make sure that a thorough assessment is being carried on for your child because every aspect of a child’s development is interlinked. Some physiotherapy for a child takes time to ‘warm up' which the physiotherapists are aware of, and thus they do not want to rush your child if they take a little time to warm up.

During your child physiotherapy appointment, physiotherapists will:

  • assess your child’s overall and motor development, using their observation skills, special measures, and assessment techniques

  • Identify whether your child is doing well, what difficulties are they facing and why are they having those difficulties, and then

  • Developing a treatment program for your child which maximizes your child’s abilities and addresses their challenges

Thus, child physiotherapy is an essential aspect in terms of your child’s treatment. You can track the success of your physiotherapy child after the treatment process, and you will get to know as to how they can improve, providing exercises or activities to do at school or home that will help the progress of your child. Research has shown that early intervention and physiotherapy for children can improve outcomes with developmental difficulties.  If you have any concerns about your child’s development, you can call to make an appointment to visit one of the experienced physiotherapists. 

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