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Spine Strengthening Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Spine Strengthening Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy Exercises Answer to Your All Back Problems

Most of the people experience lower back pain at some stage of their life. Back pain is like a symptom which is caused by numerous biopsychosocial conditions occurring in back. It is one of the most common reasons for people missing work and seeing a doctor or physiotherapist for physiotherapy exercises for lower back pain. Fortunately, the significant back pain is caused by musculoskeletal conditions and can be readily treated with great success if treated in time through physiotherapy exercises for low back pain. Generally, the lower back pain is something you can avoid with the added knowledge of some back education, back care strategies and back exercises which you can do through the lower back pain physiotherapy exercises. It is always better to seek advice specific to your low back pain.

Ø  Causes of Severe Low Back Pain

A sudden injury most often causes acute or chronic low back pain to the muscles and ligaments supporting the back by either heavy carrying weight or sudden movement. Muscle spasms or a strain may cause the pain or tear in the muscles and ligaments, which is a terrible pain to have. But occasionally, it can have a more sinister cause to your back. As you can see, while lower back pain is common and proper treatment either through small back pain physiotherapy exercises or back strengthening exercises physiotherapy can do wonders for you. Below are some causes of back pain

§  Back Muscle Strains

Back muscle injuries are the most common and painful form of a back injury. Muscle fatigue or excessive loads or poor lifting postures are the most common problems causing severe back pain. Physiotherapy exercises back pain can help you a lot to deal with this pain.

§  Ligament Sprains

Ligaments are the strong fibrous bands that limit the amount of movement available at each spinal level of the back. The stretching ligaments too far or too quickly will tear and bleeding into the surrounding tissues, causing swelling and pain will start. Awkward lifting, sports injuries, and motor vehicle accidents or even poor postures are prevalent causes. Back pain physiotherapy exercises again work as a sole rescuer.

§  Poor Posture

Poor posture, when sitting or standing or lifting at work, can place unnecessary stress on your back, causing back pain. Muscles fatigue, ligaments overstretch, discs stretch, and this puts the need for physiotherapy back pain exercises to resolve this issue.

Ø  Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain

The best treatment for lower back pain relies upon an accurate diagnosis directed by physiotherapists by doing physiotherapy exercises for back pain. With the precise assessment and early treatment, and physiotherapy back exercises, most people respond extremely quick. A physiotherapist can also advise you when a back brace is suitable or if you are better advised to perform some specific back pain exercises physiotherapy. The real-time ultrasound has been used by back pain research in recent years to assist the diagnosis and successful treatment of lower back pain and providing help to deal with your lower back pain as well as upper back pain. The physiotherapist also has physiotherapy exercises for upper back pain if you are dealing with such.

While lower back pain treatment will vary depending on your specific diagnosis, which your physiotherapists lets you know. Following are some examples-

§  Back Brace system

A back brace or corset can provide excellent relief for most lower back pain along with back strengthening exercises physiotherapy. The most benefited are those who find their pain eases when they wrap or bind a towel or sheet tightly around their stomach and lower back to see the results. If this simple test relieves your back pain, then you should use a back brace for short term relief.

§  Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been a useful source of pain relief for many years done through the physiotherapy. Acupuncture can assist your back-pain assistance with some major physiotherapy exercises for low back pain.

§  Massage

Massage always feels wonderful be it on your forehead, or your legs but the best use of massage is on your back. Massage has some incredible muscle relaxation benefits best combined with physiotherapy back exercises. Massage is quite useful when back muscle spasm or chronic muscle tension is present and to release that it is an excellent source.

§  TENS Machine

TENS machines are quite a different concept as they are an electronic pain-relieving device that will reduce your lower back pain and upper back pain and your need for pain-relieving drugs which are not that good for the body. 

§  Posture Supports

Poor sitting posture is a common cause of lower back pain. To assist the support of your lower back, many effective products have been developed with due course of time, e.g. D-roll, Bassett frames and kinesio tape.

§  Weight Loss

Losing weight via an exercise program such as walking or swimming, plus an improved diet does wonders for your lower back pain. Changing your daily habits is the secret for all the back-pain miseries. Physiotherapy, over here also plays a vital role as there are programs and physiotherapy exercises for shedding that extra pound which you crib for.

 Thus, to conclude, one can say that physiotherapy is the sole answer to your requirements. Be it your back pain, or leg pain or even your hand pain it is there for you.


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