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Easy Physiotherapy Exercises for Cervical Spondylosis

Easy Physiotherapy Exercises for Cervical Spondylosis

Choose Physiotherapy For Cervical Spondylitis

The rate of Spondylosis has been increasing day by day. Not only old aged people but nowadays the young generation is also suffering. Moreover, the pain and sufferings due to cervical spondylosis increase with age. According to the survey, 85% of the person above age 60 has Cervical Spondylosis. This is commonly called arthritis of the neck. The spinal disc of the neck gets affected. This a genetic disease in some families too.

Moreover, neck arthritis increases with workload and stress. Physiotherapy exercises for cervical Spondylosis can quickly cure the pain. But Cervical Physiotherapy exercises have been beneficial to neck arthritis patients.



Bones and cartilage start to wear and tear gradually with age. For which various changes occur in our skeletal system. Eventually, this causes pain. But before beginning any treatment, proper diagnosis is required. This helps to know the primary cause of cervical Spondylosis. X-ray and MRI are carried out to know the cause. Here are a few major causes of Cervical Spondylosis

  • Dehydrated disc

After the age of 40, the spinal disks start drying out. This results in more interaction of the bones. Eventually, wear and tear for which pain occurs.

  • Herniated disc

This occurs due to rubbery discs present in between the spinal bones. Sometimes it does not show any symptoms. But there is severe pain in few cases.

  • Overuse

This is common for heavy-duty work profession. People in the construction field mostly get wear and tear quickly. Continuous heavy lifting mostly leads to Cervical Spondylosis.

  • Injury

Things worsen if an injury occurs in the neck. An injured neck is most likely to get affected faster. Swollen necks and facet joints occur

  • Stiff ligaments

Sprains and injuries mostly lead to Stiff ligaments. Gradually, with aging, the stiffness of the neck increases. 

  • Bone spurs

When the disc starts to decay, the spine begins producing for strengthening the spine. But this leads to a different problem for which bone spur occurs. This new growth leads to pinching the spinal cord and nerve roots. Hence osteophytes take place.



  • Severe pain

This symptom is very common among people. So we should not ignore severe pain in the neck.

  • Muscle spasm

A muscle spasm occurs not only due to wear and tear. Mobility of neck area decreases too. But also due to deficiency of magnesium and potassium.

  • Lack of coordination during walking

As muscle strength decreases, walking all becomes difficult in day to day life. This leads to loss of bowel control too. In severe cases, when narrowing of the space of the spinal cord.



  • Medication

Using steroid injections, muscle relaxants to reduce the pain. Even mild cases doctors recommend painkillers too. But Medication has side effects too. So see a doctor before having any medicines.

  • Physiotherapy

This is proven to the best for all kinds of arthritis problem. In the case of cervical spondylitis, physiotherapist recommends various exercises. This takes more time to heal than the Medication. But the healing process has no side effects, and one gets cured fully. Even muscle strength increases.

  • Surgeries

There are 2 surgeries mostly common for neck Spondylosis. In Fusion surgery, fusion and decompression are done at the same time. The Facetectomy surgery is done for the repair of facet joints. But this surgery puts a lot of pressure on the nerve. Hence there are few side effects too. After the surges, the doctors recommend doing physiotherapy exercises. This helps in muscle stimulation and relieve the stiffness.

  • Self-care

Even after several above treatments, self-care is the most important. Apply the warm compress in the affected area to soothe the pain.


Why Choose Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy for cervical Spondylosis exercises is the best type of treatment.  This help helps to stimulate the neck disc and muscle. Moreover, there are no side-effects of physiotherapy. Hence the pain can easily be relieved.


5 Best Physiotherapy Exercises For Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis physiotherapy exercises are great to reduce the pain. We should do these exercises carefully under the proper guidance of a well-experienced physiotherapist.

  • Neck stretch

This is an excellent exercise for neck pain. Consult a good physiotherapist to have a better idea of how many times to repeat.

  • Neck tilt

Neck tilt and rotation is excellent for stimulating the mobility of the neck muscles. This helps in lengthening the muscle. Hence one can get easily overs one the neck stiffness and arthritis.

  • Neck turn

Neck turn is great cervical physiotherapy exercise. It helps those who are suffering from the pinched neck. The pinched neck occurs in severe cases of Cervical Spondylosis.

  • Prone head lifts

Another excellent exercise for neck muscle stimulation. 

  • Sitting or standing neck retraction

This helps to stretch the muscles of the neck. Usually, after surgery, this exercise is excellent for repair.

 Don't just sit home and grief about your pain. Join Physiotherapy to lead a pain-free life.


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