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5 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy

5 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy

Due to the stressful lifestyle, most of the person is suffering from back pain. Here in this post, we are going to discuss some key factor which will help you to maintain the health of your spine. Whatever it is herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or strained muscles, it will take some time to diagnose & treat the cause of the back pain. 

This blog contains some highlights which will help you to keep your spine healthy. Thus read this post till the end

Let Your Spin Rest During Sleep

When you go to bed all the structure of the spine which work hard all day get a chance to relax. To provide proper relaxation to your spinal structure most of the time, you need mattress and pillow which maintain the comfort level. The choice of the mattress and pillow entirely depends on personal preference, excellent sleep position, & your specific back and neck problem. There are many mattresses which maintain the comfort level and support the proper sleep.

Exercise Your Core To Strengthen Abs & Back Muscles

Your core muscles, your lower back, and abdominal muscles need to be healthy & supple to support your spine so that it can reduce the pressure applied on your lower back spine.

But unfortunately, there are people in our country don't do exercise regularly; hence their core muscles are rarely used during everyday activities. Therefore it is necessary to train your lower back muscles every day, and it can be done specific and targeted exercises. These exercises are simple and can be done in 20-30 minutes as parts of a daily routine.

Your Shoes Need To Support Your Spine

The shoe you wear has a significant role in spine health because whether you are walking, performing the exercise, and going anywhere. Good shoes offer you a supportive base that helps the spine and body remain in the alignment. 

Hence while having a shoe ensure that the area of the shoe that fits the back of your heels is snug, but not overly tight because as good it provides in the hell prevents overpronation or supination or too much rolling of the foot to the outside or inside.

Get Message

The message has a large number of therapeutic advantage in addition to the natural stress relief. A right message increases the natural painkiller (endorphins) in your bloodstream which reduces the pain.

Message not only increase the endorphins but also increase the blood flow, which brings the healing nutrients to the affected area & can speed the healing. The best and practical way to get some relief from the general back pain has massage chai in your home.

Practice Good Ergonomics While Sitting & Limit Total Sitting Time

The spinal discs of lower back experience three times more pressure while sitting than standing, so long sitting periods can create a painful back condition. When we're sitting on the desk or looking at the computer, our natural tendency is to slouch & leans forward, stressing our lumber discs even more.

Selecting the right chair in the office & maintaining good posture while sitting play an essential role in promoting your spinal health because of a good posture support the natural curve of the spine. But it is necessary to avoid sitting for a long time. If you are in the sitting job, then get proper stretching. Because stretching of your muscles or taking a walk short walk around every 20 to 30 minutes because of movement fuels up the spine with the healthy nutrients.

We hope this post will help you to improve your spine health. We also encourage you to remember these simple steps you to maintain your spine health even you are suffering from critical back or lower back pain.



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